We are an autonomous local body of believers that is Christ-centered, Biblically-based, and elder-led.

We are loosely affiliated with the Independent Christian Church movement, but consider ourselves a part of the body of Christ at large; we agree with the idea that “we are not the only Christians, but Christians only”.

We typically practice expository or textually-based teaching, usually preaching through a book of the Bible at a time (since April of 2017, we’ve gone through Jonah, James, Luke’s Gospel, and are currently in Acts).

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) weekly.

We have a contemporary, electric-instrument style of worship that incorporates choruses, hymns, and modern songs; also, we strive to only use songs that truly honor God with their lyrics.

We believe in families worshiping together, and children remain with their parents in the service for the songs, communion, and prayers.

We are heavily involved in supporting missions and ministries outside of our walls, and encourage our members to engage in serving others within (and outside of) their community in the name of Christ.

To Glorify God by Developing Mature Followers of Jesus Christ Who are Equipped and Empowered to Witness Within the World..

  • We value sound Bible doctrine.
  • We value the fellowship of believers.
  • We value praying together.
  • We value the Church.
  • We value Spirit-directed ministry.
  • We value praise and worship.
  • We value evangelism.